For corporate clients, we offer a connection that meets the specific requirements of the client, such as:
connection with a guaranteed transmission speed when the agreed transmission speed does not decrease for the client.
connection with aggregated (shared) baud rate, where the baud rate can occasionally decrease .

We provide the following technological possibilities for corporate customers:

Fixed connection – we offer our services in Bratislava in more than twenty administrative buildings.
For information on availability in the administrative building, please contact us here: (link to contacts)

Wireless connection – our network of corporate clients is widespread in Bratislava and in its vicinity and extends as far as Šaľa.
Through a network of broadcast points, we provide companies with a stable wireless connection according to the client’s needs.
For information on internet availability, please contact us here: (link to contacts)

Advantages of the Internet for a corporate client:
internet without data restriction
individual approach and flexible implementation
immediate response in case of connection failure
24-hour supervision of Internet functionality