If you come to us from another company, you will get free internet from us for 6 months. Services under this promotion are tied to 12 months for a fixed internet connection and 24 months for family houses. To apply for the promotion, it is necessary to submit an up-to-date invoice to the fixed internet from another company for a specific collection point. The event includes a free installation fee. Free internet delivery for a period of six months will be realized during the last six months of the contract.

When bound for 12 months, you do not pay the installation fee.

We look forward to hearing from you about our services. If, based on your recommendation, we connect a new customer, we will reward you with a 100% discount on the monthly fee for a period of three months. The promotion does not apply to the ISPERTV2GO service and voice services. Also, the event does not apply to the Hamikovo, “Star Housing” projects in Hviezdoslavov and the “Median House” on Podunajská 23 / J.

If you have further questions