• Internet is available in Bratislava and its surroundings. The availability of the service must be checked, contacts can be found at isper.sk/kontakt.
  • We operate our own telecommunications network in Bratislava. The connection in apartment buildings is realized by tightening the cable into the apartment. The installation is completed by connecting the router, which is the last point of our network. Behind this router, it is possible to connect the residential infrastructure using a cable or via a wifi router.
  • Wifi router is not automatically part of the installation. Of course, it can be ordered for installation – current prices and options of wifi routers can be found in the price list isper.sk/pricelist.
  • In the villages around Bratislava, or in family houses in Bratislava, we set up a connection via a receiving antenna, from which the cable to the interior of the family house is routed. The installation is always preceded by a free, non-binding inspection, during which the technician checks the availability of the service and also finds out how to place the antenna on the family house. The installation is completed with a cable and an RJ 45 connector. It is of course possible to order the installation of a wifi router – current prices and options for wifi routers can be found in the price list isper.sk/pricelist.
  • If your company is located in an administrative building where we provide a connection, the installation is usually ready. All that is needed is for our technician to come to life and revive the socket, or the already prepared cable.
  • If your company is in a place where we have not yet established a connection, it will be necessary to carry out a free inspection by our technicians. Subsequently, the connection option is determined, as well as the method and scope of installation.

A clear list of TV stations with a display of the currently running program and the next program.
Play the current session in real time.
Ability to pause the program, repeat the desired section or start the session from the beginning.
Ability to watch the program from the archive, which is stored for 7 days.
Possibility to create up to 30 hours of recordings of selected sessions and programs from the current broadcast, from the archive or the possibility to schedule the recording of the desired session in advance.

  • The service is provided via an Internet connection. This means that it is available wherever you have internet coverage.
  • For smooth and trouble-free watching TV programs, of course, a reliable internet connection from any provider with a speed of at least 2 Mbps is required.
  • We recommend a connection of at least 10 Mbps for the highest image quality.
  • You can watch ISPER TV2GO on almost any device. On phones using the application, on a computer in any browser, on a TV receiver either in the application (applies to most SMART TV) or using our set-top box.
  • You can have up to 4 set-top boxes registered in one account, as well as 4 other devices. The device means, for example, a tablet, smartphone, PC or even an application in a TV receiver. You can monitor up to 8 devices at once.
  • The ISPER TV2GO service is unique in that you can select the TV stations you want for the basic package (GO Standard), whichever you want and not what we will force on you. You can select any station in the list to set up your own TV.
  • Yes, payment by card is possible at our branch

If you have further questions

You can contact us by phone, e-mail, or visit us at our branch.